Who can benefit from Hematrix?

 Hematrix Patch stops bleeding immediately in patients with unimpaired blood clotting
 Hematrix can be used effectively in patients on anticoagulant therapy. For these patients, it is especially important to stop bleeding at once because every bleed can mean a massive loss of blood. Hematrix is used successfully in this group of patients.
 Compression dressings are usually contraindicated in patients with disorders of arterial blood flow. Hematrix Patch makes it possible to treat even arterial bleeding without applying extreme compression over a long period.

Why use Hematrix?

 Stops arterial and venous bleeding within 2 to 5 minutes in the vast majority of cases for lasting haemostatis of external wounds
 Can be used in patients with impaired blood clotting
 Hematrix reduces the chance of the patients going into shock as it stops loss of blood very rapidly
 No secondary bleeding
 Does not stick to the wound
 Reduces bruising
 Does not restrict blood flow
 Improves the wound healing process
 Improves wound hygiene
 Can be used in cases of multiple injury
 Wound can be treated in a much shorter time
 Quicker mobilisation of the patient

Stop Bleeding & Wound Treatment

The Economic Argument For Hematrix

Medical care can be both time consuming and expensive. Trying to stop bleeding as quickly as possible has two significant advantages:

 The patient’s recovery can start much earlier allowing more patients to be treated in the same period of time.
 The cost per patient to the health service may be reduced as the patient may be hospitalised for a much shorter time.

The use of Hematrix Active-Patch will help in achieving these two goals not only because it is so effective in stopping bleeding in very short time (2 to 5 minutes) but also because it is so easy to use, it can be applied on the patient by a lesser medically qualified practitioner giving a saving in doctors’ time and also the cost of application.